Curriculum Development & Other Interventions

Curriculum Development & Other Interventions

This is where we really shine- in developing and delivering training and interventions specific to your needs. We use an approach that respects the availability and learning styles of your staff, allowing them to contribute to their learning by sharing examples and processing solutions, as specialist trainers and advisors with vast industry knowledge, we believe in teaching classroom models but most importantly ensuring that staff understand principles and how to apply them.

We believe that this is a more robust approach to learning that allow staff transfer learning to different situation in the workplace, in other words our qualifications, industry knowledge and experience has allowed us develop not just an industry specific training package, but also an approach that will enhance knowledge, skill and attitude that are transferable to practice.

Training Evaluation

Every training delivered will include an evaluation component. Not only do we evaluate your staff learning through observation and assessments (including 1:1 for certain training) we ask you and your staff to evaluate us: Did the training meet your expectations? Did it solve a specific problem or problems? What could we do better next time?

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